'Somebody's on drugs': Ex-ethics attorney blasts White House's dismal failure to vet VA pick Jackson
Bush-era chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter (Photo: Screen capture)

With the possibility that White House doctor Ronny Jackson may withdraw his name for consideration to head up the embattled Veterans Administration, ex-White House ethics attorney Richard Painter lambasted the administration for its apparent failure to vet the doctor who has been battered with questions about his drinking and drug dispensing practices.

Speaking with CNN 's Don Lemon, Painter was unsparing in his criticism of the White House and whomever is responsible helping the president pick a suitable candidate.

“As an ethics person, how can the White House honestly say Dr. Jackson has undergone all his vetting?” Lemon suggested in reference to reports that Jackson crashed a car while driving drunk, abused  female staffers and over prescribed drugs.

"I thought the White House hadn't done a good vetting job at all, " Painter replied. "They hadn't bother to find out what is going on in his personal background. If the White House had the slightest idea what they were doing, they would have known all of this before the nomination was made."

“Well it’s the same person who probably vetted Rob Porter, the guy who was accused of beating his wives,” Painter continued. “This White House doesn’t know what’s going when it comes to vetting any more than they do financial conflicts of interest. I don’t know whether somebody’s on drugs or whether somebody just doesn’t care.”

You can watch the video below: