Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti unleashes massive 'I told you so'
Michael Avenatti (MSNBC)

Attorney Michael Avenatti, who represents adult film star Stormy Daniels, unleashed an "I told you so," tweet on the morning following the FBI raid on President Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen.

"To those that scoffed when we filed this case and claimed it was all about [money]: As we predicted and as the FBI raid shows, Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump are in a lot of trouble," Avenatti said in a Tuesday morning tweet. "It has ALWAYS been about the threats, cover-up and the lies that have been told to the American people."

The Washington Post reported Monday evening that evidence justifying the warrant and the FBI raid indicated Cohen has been accused of bank fraud and campaign finance violations.

Avenatti indicated last month in a conversation with CNN's Anderson Cooper that there were questions about the bank transfer from Cohen to Daniels. The payment by Cohen on behalf of Trump under the table is being alleged is violation of campaign finance laws.