Stormy Daniels' lawyer says man in composite sketch who threatened her works for Trump 'indirectly'
A composite sketch of the man who allegedly intimidated Trump mistress Stormy Daniels. Image via screengrab.

In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti said that he believes the man who threatened her to keep quiet about her affair with Donald Trump may "indirectly" work for the president or his lawyer, Michael Cohen.

After Avenatti told Tapper that Daniels has in recent weeks reviewed photographs of potential suspects and that their team is narrowing down who may have threatened her, the host asked him if they believe the man featured in the composite sketch they released earlier in the day could work for the president or his lawyer.

"The photographs that you have, that she's looked at, are they individuals who worked for Mr. Trump or Mr. Cohen at some point in the past?" the host asked the attorney.

"We believe indirectly," Avenatti replied. He went on to tell Tapper that in the hours since they released the sketch this morning, roughly 400 people have come forward with tips via email about the identity of the alleged intimidator.

Watch below, via CNN: