Trump gets brutally blistered over his Twitter tantrum: 'You haven't realized that you're the joke yet?'
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President Donald Trump spent Monday morning on a Twitter-tantrum, blasting everything and everyone from Democrats and the media to immigrants and even Jeff Sessions.

Twitter users couldn't help but mock the tweets as well as the tweetstorm.

"This is some epic Tweeting this AM. I don't know what you ate. But I've been there, brother. Just push. And breathe," tweeted Jarrett Bellini.

When it came to DACA and undocumented immigrants Trump says are streaming across the border, some followers couldn't help but notice it was contrary of what he's bragged about in the past.

"I thought u [sic] said border crossing was down 61 percent when u [sic] took office .... what happened?" asked @kIsSeSpLuMs.

Read the rest of the smackdown below: