Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani: Comey is 'an absolute embarrassment to the FBI'
Rudy Giuliani

Donald Trump’s newest lawyer—former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani—on Wednesday called James Comey “an absolute embarrassment to the FBI” in an interview with New Hampshire’s WMUR Political Director Adam Sexton.

Giuliani was discussing Comey’s appearance at a CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper.

“I think it will be liar's poker tonight. It'll be a guy who has forgotten how to tell the truth,” Giuliani said. "He is an absolute embarrassment to the FBI.”

Giuliani, a former top Justice Department official, also defended the president against special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

"First of all, (Trump is) innocent. There isn't a person in the world who thinks he's guilty of collusion with the Russians,” Guiliani said.

"I can guarantee you this: When Mueller is finished, no matter whatever he does, he’s not going to have a stitch of evidence that he colluded with the Russians,” he added. “Now, that's a disgrace. The case should be over.”