Trump thanked a Fox News reporter for asking him why he doesn't just fire Mueller: report
VP Mike Pence (left), President Donald Trump (center) and national security adviser John Bolton (right). Image via screengrab.

The reporter who asked President Donald Trump if he plans on firing special counsel Robert Mueller Monday told a fellow radio host that the president mouthed "thank you" to him after he asked his question.

The Washington Post reported that Fox News Radio White House correspondent Jon Decker admitted to multiple fellow radio hosts that Trump was "very appreciative" of the question asked in the immediate aftermath of the FBI raid on his attorney Michael Cohen's office and residence.

"Obviously it’s something the president has been considering, it’s something the president has been talking about," Decker told Mark McGill of Michigan's NewsTalk 95.3. "Because I tapped into something when I asked that question of the president."

He later told  Laura Anderson and Bill Edwards of WTKS NewsRadio in Savannah, Georgia that Trump was “very appreciative of my question that I asked of him. He liked the way he answered it.”