Trump went golfing during Barbara Bush's funeral -- here's just how much golf he's played compared to Obama
Donald Trump playing golf, as he has about 30 hours a week during his presidency. (Screenshot)

Donald Trump spent a beautiful spring Saturday on his Florida golf course while his wife and every other living president traveled to Houston to pay their respects to former first lady Barbara Bush, who died Tuesday at age 92.

Trump had spent the first part of the week golfing with Japan's prime minister—which is one way of working around his pledge to "never see" his golf courses again if he were president because he would be too busy doing the people's business. Trump and his allies claim he is a very good golfer. Other says he cheats.

Trump relentlessly mocked Obama for playing too much golf—which turned out to be just one more example of his hypocrisy.

Just how much golf does Trump play? A lot.

Writer Laurie Brookins did the math, and found that Trump plays more than twice as much golf as Barack Obama.

Obama played 333 rounds of golf over his 96 months in office. That works out to 3.47 rounds of golf per month, or about 15 holes a week.

Trump has played at least 109 rounds in 15 months. That's 7.27 rounds, or 130 holes, per month. Trump plays nearly 30 hours of golf a month.

Here's her tweet with the math.