'Unappetizing and racist': Internet rips Whole Foods for opening Asian-themed restaurant called 'Yellow Fever'
Whole Foods' new Asian-themed restaurant, "Yellow Fever." Image via Twitter.

Earlier this week, Whole Foods opened a new Asian-themed restaurant called "Yellow Fever" at one of their Long Beach, California locations — and Twitter immediately pointed out how racist the name was.

The company announced they'd be opening the restaurant that shares a name with the racist concept of an "Asian fetish" in early March. Raw Story reached out to Whole Foods for comment but has not immediately heard back.

"Yellow Fever for an Asian restaurant?" Yahoo Finance's managing editor Sam Ro tweeted. "That's both unappetizing and racist."

Food journalist Allison Robicelli, meanwhile, noted that "Yellow Fever was once known as the American Plague, killing hundreds of thousands of people during the 19th century."

"It's still prevalent in South American & Africa," she continued, "and has killed tens of thousands since 2010."

"Know what would have been a really good way to learn about this?" Robicelli mused. "By Googling 'Yellow Fever.'"

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