The View women salute Melania Trump's state visit fashion: 'Don't kiss me -- I'll punch you in the face with this hat'
Joy Behar (Photo: Screen capture)

In Wednesday's discussion of the recent state visit from France, the hosts of "The View" couldn't help but laugh about the so-called bromance between Presidents Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron. The women then gave major props to first lady Melania Trump for her success and for trying to avoid her husband's hand again.

Given his background, Sunny Hostin said that she thinks the Macron/Trump relationship is genuine, but her colleague Joy Behar disagreed.

"I'll tell you why: I have a feeling about Macron. he's 40 years old. his wife is 65," Behar began. McCain pointed out she's also a teacher. "Normally, you don't see a man with a woman that age. Trump is 71 or 72 he doesn't care about anybody but himself and Macron is young and cares about the Paris Accords and the Iranian deal. And I think he'll do anything. He'll change the name of Paris to Trumpland, if necessary, to get this guy to focus on the world."

However, "not everybody was all over each other," Whoopi Goldberg said. "The guys may have been all over each other, but the first lady seemed to be feeling less handsy yesterday. And the cameras caught her trying to avoid a little contact. She's like, 'Stop it, Donny. Stop it. I'm not going to -- I'm not going to hold your hand.'"

Meghan McCain tried to be offended by the silliness of the comment, but the table tried to explain it was just in good fun while politics is depressing and difficult.

"Those videos when they capture that, it makes me laugh," Sara Haines said. "At this point, you would think they would have the conversation: 'There are always cameras on us. Just pretend. I paid you for this.' I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. The idea that we can still find those moments. I'm like, come on."

Hostin was over the moon with the first lady's hat and white suit. When it came specifically to the hat, Hostin said that she was channeling Beyonce. Her song "Formation" addressed the affair her husband had, which Hostin said, can be compared to Mrs. Trump learning of her husband's own infidelities.

"Don't you think that hat is like the wall around China?" Behar joked. "Don't kiss me. I'll punch you in the face with this hat."

The women all agreed that despite being married to Trump and even having a history of defending her husband's birtherism, Mrs. Trump was stunning in her fashion choice.

McCain asked that people stop trying to look for hidden meaning and focusing on the hand thing, that Mrs. Trump is simply a fashion person as a former model and knows how to dress and had other successes at the state dinner.

The women explained it was just in good fun and McCain shouted over them that she has a "soft spot for Melania! I feel bad for her!"

Watch the clip below: