Watch: Livestream Donald Trump's Saturday night rally in rural Michigan
Trump on stage in Michigan/Screenshot

President Donald Trump will not attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner, where the least popular president of all time will be roasted by celebrities and comedians.

Trump doesn't want to face unsympathetic media, and instead wants to be surrounded by adoring fans in flyover country. He's holding a rally about an hour outside Detroit, where supporters are gathering and facing off with protestors.

The crowd has already been warmed-up with the National Anthem, a prayer and introductory speakers.

"This is no time to go backwards," said Ron Weiser, a University of Michigan regent who was one of the speakers introducing the president. "Democrats have nothing to offer—they have the same old, recycled ideas that destroyed this state... they are obstructionists."

Watch below—or check back soon for a livestream of the White HouseCorrespondents' Dinner.