WATCH: New dashcam footage shows police SUV hitting 61-year-old protestor during vigil for Stephon Clark
A female protester is taken away on a stretcher after being hit by a sheriff's deputy's car/Screenshot

New footage from a dashboard camera affixed to a police vehicle in Sacramento shows the moment the cruiser hits a 61-year-old protester at a Stephon Clark vigil — and speeding off without stopping.

The new video, which was acquired CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal, was recorded from within a second Sacramento Sheriff's Department cruiser behind the SUV that hit protester Wanda Cleveland during the Saturday vigil.

In the video, which reporters were allowed to record from screens at a press conference but were not given copies by the sheriff's office, viewers can hear a loud thud and crowd reaction as Cleveland was hit.

After video recorded by members of the crowd went viral, Sacramento sheriff's office issued a statement saying the officers did not stop because of the "vandals" causing "scratches" and "dents" on the cars — but also admitted it was opening an investigation into the incident.

You can watch the graphic footage below: