Watch: Rapper Nipsey Hussle gives Kanye West the finger as he performs 'F*ck Donald Trump' in DC
Nipsey Hussle performs "F*ck Donald Trump" with Kanye behind him/Screenshot

Kanye West's new commitment to full-blown Trumpism has been widely discussed, with plenty of people putting "Kanye Kardashian Trump" on blast.

LA rapper Nipsey Hustle, who teamed with YG to release a Donald-diss called "FDT" in 2016, went out of his way to disrespect Yeezus on stage at the Broccoli City Festival in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night.

Hustle performed "F*ck Donald Trump" with Kanye's Make America Great Again hat selfie behind him. At one point he turned with his middle finger extended to West and his friends.

Here are the original track and an Instagram post showing the concert.