WATCH: Reporter hints on CNN that we've only scratched the surface of Trump's sleazy hush payouts
President Donald Trump touring border wall prototypes in San Diego with then-acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. CBP photo by Ralph Desio.

Reporter Ronan Farrow appeared on CNN Thursday morning to talk about his latest story in the New Yorker about how the National Enquirer had paid off a Trump Tower doorman to keep quiet about a rumor he'd heard about President Donald Trump fathering an out-of-wedlock child.

During an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Farrow pointed out that the Enquirer's $30,000 payoff to doorman Dino Sajudin in late 2015 means that we now know of multiple payouts that were made during the presidential election to squash damaging information about Trump.

"This is significant, every legal expert tells us, because it establishes a pattern now," Farrow said. "This is potentially the third illicit payment during the election cycle. Stormy Daniels, which was a direct deal with that one to silence the story that she had, and then the Karen McDougal story, which she first talked to us as well, and another example, through this same company that owns the National Enquirer, of a story being caught and killed."

Later in the segment, Farrow compared the work he was doing now reporting on Trump NDAs with the work he'd done reporting sexual harassment allegations against disgraced former film mogul Harvey Weinstein -- and he said he's found the Enquirer played a vital role in protecting both men by blocking damaging information from becoming public.

"[Weinstein] was a big donor and Hillary Clinton supporter, and what we see in what's being exposed about this pattern of payments, allegedly on behalf of the president, is the same actors are involved," he said. "Dylan Howard, the National Enquirer -- these were all individuals working to suppress stories on behalf of Harvey Weinstein."

Watch the video below.