White man stabs a Muslim nurse and calls her a 'sand n**ger' during hate-filled attack in Houston
Photos of stitches gleaned from a bigoted stabbing (left) and blood-stained scrubs (right) when a Muslim nurse was stabbed in Houston. Image via CAIR-Houston.

On Thursday morning, a nurse in Houston, Texas was driving home early in the morning after an overnight shift when a man stopped her car, began screaming anti-Muslim slurs at her and stabbed her.

Houston's KTRK reported Friday that the Muslim nurse, who was wearing hijab, believes the attack was religiously-motivated based on slurs the attacker yelled at her, calling her a "raghead" and a "sand n**ger."

A man riding with the attacker, who made a U-turn to attack the nurse after seeing her drive in the other direction, tried to restrain him when he got out to yell at the woman — but not before the rage-filled driver stabbed her. She then returned to the hospital where she'd just gotten off work to have her wounds treated.

The attacker and his passenger were described as white males between the ages of 20 an 35, and the driver was said to have tattoos on his arms and neck.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter in Houston is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who has information on the attack .