Actress Sally Field has the perfect response to the controversy over Sam Bee calling Ivanka a ‘c*nt’
Sam Bee (left, via Wikimedia Commons), Ivanka Trump (center, via screengrab) and Sally Field (right, via Shutterstock).

Actress Sally Field weighed in on the controversy surrounding Sam Bee's "c*nt" insult towards Ivanka Trump by taking it a step further.

"I like Samantha Bee a lot, but she is flat wrong to call Ivanka a c*nt," the actress wrote. "C*nts are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest."

Field's tweet came just after Bee apologized for calling the First Daughter a "feckless c*nt" during a Full Frontal segment for posting a photo of herself and her two-year-old son in the midst of headline-grabbing news stories about migrant families being separated and thousands of migrant children being lost by the Department of Health and Human Services.