'If he could bring bin Laden back to life he would': Bill Maher monologue explains Trump's obsession with Obama
Bill Maher delivers his monologue on May 11, 2018/Screenshot

Bill Maher nailed his opening monologue on Friday night, covering a lot of ground while delivering snappy one-liners.

He started with the release of the hostages taken during Trump's tenure by North Korea, which the president negotiated the release of.

"It was actually easier to get them back than we thought," Maher said. "They wrote a check to Michael Cohen—good to go."

Speaking of Cohen, Maher mocked his newly reveled influence-peddling LLC Essential Consultants—which, he noted, were as far as from essential as you can get.

"Their slogan was 'There are some things that money can't buy—the president is not one of them," he said.

Maher also got into Trump pulling out of the Iran deal, which he said was done because Trump is obsessed with Obama.

"All Trump does it pull out of shit. If he had a game show it's be called 'No Deal!'" Maher said. "Why did he pull out? Because of his obsession with undoing everything that Obama did. If he could bring bin Laden back to life he would."