CNN conservative Tara Setmayer burns Jason Miller to the ground after he whitesplains that Trump is not a racist
Jason Miller, Tara Setmayer -- screenshot

A CNN discussion on President Donald Trump's relationship with Roseanne Barr  -- recently fired by ABC after making racist comments on Twitter -- turned into a shouting match as former Trump aide Jason Miller tried to whitesplain to black conservative Tara Setmayer that Trump does not have a history of racism.

Sitting on a panel with host Anderson Cooper, liberal commentator Karine Jean-Pierre said she grew up in New York City prior to Trump's presidency and remembered all too well his history of attacking African American people -- including calling for imprisonment of five black and Latino teenagers in 1989 who were falsely accused of attacking a white woman in Central Park.

"Donald Trump started his business career discriminating against black tenants," Jean-Pierre began. "He started his political career peddling a conspiracy theory about birtherism. He started his presidential career talking about Mexicans and rapists. He talked about neo-Nazis and saying there were fine people on both sides in Charlottesville."

"I grew up in New York City, I know exactly who Donald Trump is," she continued. "We had to listen and watch him when I was growing up. He has a race issue. Honestly the problem isn't Roseanne Barr -- the problem is Donald Trump."

"I couldn't disagree more. I don't think you know President Trump at all," Miller shot back, adding that Trump has promised to look into more pardons.

"Everything is triggered on trying to blame everything on President Trump," he continued, whining that the president is being blamed from Barr's tweets. That led conservative Setmayer to jump in.

"Donald Trump has a race problem, it is clear," Setmayer explained. "He has a long history of established bigotry; he was sued for it. We have known comments he made over the years. I grew up in New Jersey. I know what he did in Atlantic City, the Central Park Five."

"Donald Trump did better with Africa-Americans than Mitt Romney," Miller offered.

"I don't care," Setmayer exploded. "Explain to me why Donald Trump wouldn't apologize taking out full page ads wanting the death penalty for the Central Park Five? Why wouldn't he say he was wrong?"

"He felt strongly at the time" Miller attempted.

"He was wrong! They were black and Latino." she exclaimed. "I'm using that as an example. why didn't he condemn David Duke right away? I've had to deal with this and because of Republicans like you. You're cheering that 5 percent of African Americans who voted for him -- that's pathetic."

You can watch below via CNN: