CNN panel mocks Trump team's 'grotesque and disgraceful' Stormy Daniels story: These are 'The Days of our Lives'
Stormy Danilels, Donald Trump -- (NBC screencapture/SOTU screencapture)

A CNN panel on Friday tore into the shifting explanations from Donald Trump’s team about the $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels and subsequent efforts to cover that payment up.

“More sands through the hourglass of the days of our lives,” CNN’s Jim Acosta began Friday “Rudy Giuliani trying to clean up these comments today, and the president saying that he didn't have his facts first or didn't have his facts straight.”

Acosta explains Trump this morning “tweeted about fake news and then said [lawyer] Rudy Giuliani didn't have his facts straight.” The guest host asked CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, “what is happening here? “

“What is happening here is this is a perfect metaphor for the whole story,” Toobin replied. “The one thing that Rudy Giuliani said to [Fox News host] Sean Hannity that was unambiguously true was that the payment to Stormy Daniels was right before the election—to stop the bad news from coming out. They had sex supposedly in 2006. but ten years later on the eve of the election.”

“It was a campaign cover-up,” Acosta offered.

“Tt was of course related the campaign cover-up,” Toobin explained. “So the correction today was to turn truth into a lie. So he was actually true to Sean Hannity, but the situation is so absurd that his correction today made the statement false where he said, ‘Oh, it is like a coincidence it was October of 2016.’”

“This is so grotesque and so disgraceful the way they are lying about this,” Toobin said.

Watch below, via CNN: