CNN’s April Ryan urges the media to expose the real absurdity of Trump: ‘This is not normal’
CNN analyst April Ryan. (Shuttershock)

Donald Trump's legal situation got worse overnight, as his new attorney Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News and seemingly admitted that Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen conspired to violate campaign finance law and then lie about it.

Inside the White House, senior staffers were blind-sided.

"That legal team is very upset," Ryan said. "They are trying to figure things out. This is not normal. This is not normal. We've got to stop making it as such."

In Washington, people are worried we are headed for a Constitutional crisis, Ryan said, as it was clear that Trump violated campaign finance law in order to avoid a situation that could have destroyed his campaign.

"This is bigger than just he-said, she-said," Ryan said.

Watch below.