CNN's Bakari Sellers reveals why Rudy Giuliani 'sucks' as Trump's lawyer
Bakari Sellers on CNN_ -- screen capture

During a panel discussion on CNN, politician and attorney, Bakari Sellers, said that Giuliani "sucks" at his job at the moment.

However, he gave Giuliani a little bit of grace by saying he has one of the most difficult clients on Earth to represent.

"I don't really blame Rudy Giuliani or Ty Cobb or any of the other lawyers that have come through his radius, the President of the United States is a horrible client to have," Sellers said. "Just imagine someone that you cannot control at all. Someone that you cannot advise. Someone who just literally flies by the seat of their pants and when you try to explain to them the gravity of the situation they're in, their narcissistic approach says they're too big to fall."

Watch his full assessment on President Trump below.