'A colossally stupid move': Watch MSNBC analyst annihilate 'Rudy Giuliani's destruction of creditability tour'
Katie Phang on MSNBC/Screenshot

Rudy Giuliani's media tour as Donald Trump's new attorney is not drawing rave reviews from attorneys. Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti, for example, has bragged that "the constant media/PR pressure has forced Trump, Cohen, et al. to make a series of huge errors and to make damaging admissions helpful to our case."

On MSNBC Sunday afternoon, Miami-based attorney and analyst Katie Phang went off on the staretgy of sending Giuliani on talk shows "a colossally stupid move on behalf of Trump."

"I now call it Rudy Giuliani's destruction of creditability tour," she said. "The reality is that their stories are not straight, and the fact that Giuliani is a mouthpiece for his client, not a spokesperson. And that's a key distinction with a difference. If I am your surrogate I go out and make the rounds on these shows and I say what I say. Because number one you and I ostensibly have had privileged communications that I am now sharing with the world. And number two, I am promoting a theory. But what is that legal theory? Nobody knows."

Phang said she's confused by the whole thing—especially that it hasn't been called off yet.

"It's absurd that Guiliani is is doing this," she said. "I'm shocked that he keeps going, day by day, to do it. And from a legal standpoint it's creating havoc and it will be the downfall of Trump if he ever has to go testify before a court of law."

Watch the full segment below.