Comedian's hilarious melody attributes Trump's antics to 'the love and affection he never received from his own father'
Randy Rainbow sings "Rudy and the Beast" (Photo: Screen capture)

In his latest musical parody, Randy Rainbow remixed his own version of Sean Hannity's interview with former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Singing along to the tune from "Beauty and the Beast," Randy Rainbow did his own interview he called "Rudy and the Beast."

In the faux interview, Giuliani explained that the interview comes down to just a few main points:

"What does the president think?" Giuliani said.

"Nothing," Randy Rainbow replied.

"What does the president feel?" Giuliani listed his second point.

"Nothing," Rainbow said again.

"What does the president really desire?" Giuliani listed as his third.

"Absolute power resulting in the annihilation of the democracy and the affection of a man he never received from his own father," Rainbow said, a little on the nose.

"Michael Cohen defense, then on 'Fox & Friends,' Rudy spills the tea," sang Rainbow. "Now the story's changed. Now his cred's decreased. Both a bit uncouth, neither tells the truth, Rudy and the beast."

Watch the full video below: