Couple's Uber ride turns into a nightmare as Trump-loving driver starts going nuts over Mexicans

A political discussion between a North Carolina couple and their Uber driver spiraled out of control. In response, the driver kicked them out of his car and yelled a racist insult at them.

"Talking about tariffs and trades and then [President Trump] got brought up and we started talking about how great he is," Acacia Sammons told WCNC.

The conversation quickly devolved. "Then that turned into, 'well, Mexicans are coming over here and stealing all of our jobs.' And so, me and my husband both said 'whoa!'"

The driver then allegedly kicked them out of his vehicle and shouted, 'Go back to Mexico, where you came from!'"  Simmons told WCNC.

In a statement, Uber claimed they don't tolerate any kind of discrimination.

A 2016 study found the ridesharing apps—Uber in particular—discriminate based on race, with black riders waiting significantly longer and experiencing cancellations far more commonly than white users.