Don Lemon threatens to throw Roseanne defender off show unless she stops yammering about Jay-Z and Hillary Clinton
Don Lemon (CNN / Screengrab)

The fast, steep fall of Roseanne Bar from star of the nation's top-rated sitcom to canceled pariah has touched off a furious response from conservative defenders who want to talk about the perceived sins of liberal entertainers.

CNN's Don Lemon had conservative commentator Carrie Sheffield on his show tonight, who insisted on bringing up a list of people she said should also face repercussions for things they've said. Among them were Hillary Clinton and Jay-Z.

"This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, nothing to do with who I hoped would be president, nothing about that," Lemon said. "Can we talk about what's happening now? This is about Roseanne Barr."

Sheffield continued to talk about Joy Baher and Hillary Clinton until Lemon shut her down.

"I don't want to give disinformation to my viewers," he said. "You're giving disinformation to the viewers. This is not about Joy Behar."

She interrupted again.

"If you can stick with what we're talking about, Roseanne Barr, fine. If not, I'm not continuing this. it's ridiculous."

Watch below.