Donald Trump just lied about his brutal poll numbers again
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Donald Trump is the least popular president of all time. But he is not willing to admit that yet.

Today in Cleveland, Trump again bragged about his job approval numbers, which he falsely claimed were better than Obama's.

“We just had a poll, 51 or 52, which came out, you know, very nicely,” Trump said. “Then I turn on like, you know, one of the networks and I see, ‘Donald Trump, who’s not very popular…’ I’m saying, ‘What are you talking about?’"

According to Five Thirty Eight, when tracks all of the major presidential polls, Trump's highest number is 51 from Rasmussen, which consistently gives him higher marks than every other poll. Even that one poll doesn't have him at 52, as he claimed.

Not only is Trump not popular, he is extremely unpopular with those who disapprove of him. Polls show his opponents are much more enthusiastic in their dislike than his supporters are in their approval.