Elderly Milwaukee woman was robbed of lunchbox and bus pass by teens with an AR-15
Longtime Milwaukee resident Linda Zerbel explains who her assailants covered their faces.

A Milwaukee senior citizen was robbed by two youths with an AR-15, WISC TV reports.

Linda Zerbel, who has lived in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood for 61 years, was reportedly robbed at gun point while walking home from the bus stop with her lunch box in one hand and her cane in the other.

“I was almost to the corner and this kid jumps out and puts an AR-15 to my head,” Zerbal recounted. “The other guy came, grabbed my lunch box, and they ran down Dousman.”

The robbers reportedly got away with her lunch box, bus pass and house keys.

“It was very scary,” says Zerbel. “I was just standing there shaking.”

“Every time I closed my eyes last night, all I could see was that gun,” she added.

Zerbel described the robbers as being 17 or 18-years-old, dressed all in black, with black wool hats and scarves covering their faces.