Ex-Trump legal advisor goes on bonkers rant calling ex-US attorney Comey one of the most 'despicable and despised prosecutors ever'
Erin Burnett, Victoria Toensing -- screenshot

Appearing on CNN Thursday, an attorney who briefly advised Donald Trump on his legal problems with special counsel Robert Mueller went off on a frantic rant defending the president's decision to pardon multiple conservative allies convicted of crimes by saying former US Attorneys James Comey and Pat Fitzgerald were some of the worst in their jobs ever.

According to Victoria Toensing -- who defended the now-pardoned I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby and lost in 2007 -- defended Trump's decision to pardon Dinesh D’Souza and said there was no problem with Trump righting what she called wrongful prosecutions even if they appeared political in nature.

With Trump reportedly considering pardoning Martha Stewart -- who was prosecuted by then-US Attorney James Comey -- Toensing attacked the former FBI director and Libby prosecutor Fitzpatrick.

"It's an unfettered power," Toensing said of the president's ability to issue pardons. "And I can see the president [Trump] taking great joy in righting these wrongs. He did that with Scooter Libby who had done nothing wrong. He had one testimony, somebody else had a differing testimony, and Scooter got indicted."

"Here's another threat here," she charged. "It's not just James Comey. It's also Patrick Fitzgerald. Those of us in the criminal defense business know these are two of the most despicable, despised, unethical prosecutors to ever come down the pike."

Watch the video below via CNN: