Failed West Virginia candidate Don Blankenship attacks Trump in post-defeat open letter
West Virginia Republican Don Blankenship/Screenshot

In a Wednesday evening open-letter, failed West Virginia senate candidate and convicted coal CEO Don Blankenship went into full attack mode against President Donald Trump.

After a humiliating defeat in the GOP primary, Blankenship took to Facebook to compare himself to Trump for being under attack for decades.

"You have rightfully complained about fake news and the corrupt Obama-era Department of Justice (DOJ)," Blankenship wrote. "However, you seem unaware of the fact that you are not the only one under attack."

He claimed that he has been the victim of false charges all trumped up by his enemies and the fake news media. He then blamed Trump for spreading fake news against him.

"You, yourself, also spread fake news against me. Your interference in the West Virginia election displayed a lack of understanding of the likely outcome of the upcoming general election," he continued. "Patrick Morrisey will likely lose the general election. It’s too late to change that, but it’s not helpful to do to me what others are doing to you."

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