Fox News legal analyst warns Trump of imminent Michael Cohen indictment: It 'can’t be good' for you
Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano

Former New Jersey Superior Court judge and Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano publicly warned President Donald Trump of an impending federal indictment of Michael Cohen.

"The problems for the president's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, just continue to mount," Napolitano observed. "And these problems, depending upon where they lead to, may draw the president in."

"Why was a Russian billionaire giving a half a million dollars to the president's lawyer -- at the time the lawyer was paying, not only Stormy Daniels, but according to Rudy Giuliani, other women, to remain silent about their relationships to the president?" he asked. "Nobody knows the answer to this, yet."

"But all of it is enough to provoke a federal judge in Los Angeles ... to say, 'I think we should put the case on hold, because Mr. Cohen is about to be indicted,'" he noted.

"The president's lawyer getting indicted can't be good for the president," Napolitano explained.

"Mr. President, please be wary of all of this," he cautioned.