Fox News panelists love new rule forcing NFL players to 'behave' -- claims they're disposable in 'overall equation'
The Fox News panel that discussed the NFL's rule that players must stand/Screenshot

Fox News is crowing about a new rule which forces NFL players to stand for the national anthem rather than kneel to protest police brutality and racism.

Host Neil Cavuto invited two people on to discuss the new rule—and all three of them agreed it was a good way to get the players in line after league revenues dropped last season.

Among the panelists were Burgess Owens, a black man who played safety in the NFL for a decade and has become a Mormon and right-wing Conservative since retiring in 1982. Owens is the author of Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps and railed against the "Marxist-Socialist" upbringing of today's players.

"We're not teaching our black young men to respect," said Owens. "The flag, women, authority, the jobs—they come to work and get paid to respect the culture that's been put in place for them."

Cavuto pointed out that it's an economic issue, and that the drop in ratings and revenue seemed to be a larger consideration than battling "Marxism-Socialism."

Another panelist then interjected to point out, essentially, that NFL players are disposable—their careers only last an average of three years and therefore the league can treat them as it wants.

"Their play gets them in the door," he said. "More importantly, how they continue to behave—which is to say the perception in the community among the fan base and the media, among potential sponsors, also equates into the overall equation."