'Giuliani is just talking about a different world that people can't relate to': Watch MSNBC panelists explain how payouts could play badly with average Americans
Philip Rucker and Julia Ainsley on MSNBC/Screenshot

Donald Trump is notoriously bullet-proof when it comes to his base. But what about those other regular Americans who flocked to him, believing his promises about Mexico building the wall and all the great deals he could make?

A panel on MSNBC's Kasie DC took on the extraordinary nature of these allegations, and how the fact that Trump has admitted paying $130,000 to quash a story about his sex with a porn star will play with them. Specifically, the fact that Rudy Giuliani said there could be other payouts to people Trump wanted to silence.

Philip Rucker, White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post, said that Trump's payouts are simply not relatable to average Americans.

"He also seemed to discount this $130,000 payout to Stormy Daniels as, 'Oh it's not that much money, this is the kind of thing that happens all the time," he said. "To a lot of Americans this is a pretty extraordinary circumstance, to pay-off this adult films actress. So Giuliani is just talking about a different world, that people's can't relate to."

NBC reporter Julia Ainsley said that Giuliani created "more damage" by mentioning the other payments.

"That's just more breadcrumbs for us all to follow," she said.

Watch below.