'Go back to your country, b*tch!' Racist white woman flips out on Asian-American driver
Woman hurls racist insults during traffic incident (Screenshot/Facebook)

A woman in California was caught on video screaming racist insults at a motorist during a traffic incident in Half Moon Bay.

According to Sandra Lee, who shared the videos to Facebook on Sunday night, the woman was in "the wrong lane trying to make a right while we are on a green light going straight."

"She started yelling out, you f b!$&;$! Go back to China! She was shouting at us the whole time until we were able to change to different lane [SIC] to avoid any trouble."

Lee said that her two children, a 5-year-old and 10-month-old baby, were both in the vehicle when the incident occurred.

"We can not change the way these people think. But I really hope that this video along with rest of other similar videos will teach these people that there are consequences and hopefully SHUT them up," Lee said.

Watch the video below: