GOP senator calls for end to Mueller probe — and whiffs when asked about Benghazi lasting longer
CNN host John Berman (left) and Rep. Mike Lee (R-UT, right). Image via screengrab.

Like many of his Republican compatriots, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) professed a belief that special counsel Robert Mueller's year-old investigation has gone on too long. The Utah senator took it a step further Thursday when he breezed past CNN's John Berman mention of the lengths of the Benghazi and Whitewater inquiries that lasted significantly longer.

"It's been over a year, we're going on 13 months now," Lee told Berman, "and we'd love to see whatever they've got."

"The Benghazi investigations went on well longer than that," the host noted, adding that the probe into President Bill Clinton's role in the Whitewater scandal lasted "four or five times" longer than Mueller's.

"Investigations do go on for some time," Berman said. "You are aware of that?"

Lee initially agreed with the host before adding that he's "aware of no reason this one needs to stretch on for much longer."

Watch below, via CNN: