Here's why Robert Mueller's questions are very bad news for Jared Kushner
Jared Kushner holds a news conference on government efficiency (Screen cap).

Jared Kushner has nearly disappeared from the public eye in recent weeks, and one of the most likely explanations as to why is that he is in serious legal jeopardy as a result of the special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

Joyce Vance, a law professor at the University of Alabama, said Tuesday that, based on the New York Times' recent report about the questions Mueller has for President Donald Trump, his son in law may be in real trouble.

"Kushner said what he had to say when he was up on the hill," Vance said to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace of Kushner's congressional testimony. "But as the information that's publicly available — and Nicolle, you're always good to point out that what we know is just the tip of the iceberg — but just that tip of the iceberg points heavily in a direction that's not good for Kushner."

She continued: "Now we have these questions and they indicate an assumption that Kushner was involved in setting up a backchannel, that Kushner was in some way a part of this collusion package that the special counsel's office is looking at, almost as if it's a foregone conclusion that Kushner is guilty. And then we marry that knowledge with the that Kushner has not been recalled except for his brief one-hour testimony with the special counsel, it really looks like things are on a bad track for him."

Watch the clip below: