'Honey, don't go there': April Ryan flattens Trump apologist claiming Sarah Sanders shouldn't have to answer questions about lawyers
CNN's Erin Burnett, April Ryan, Jason Miller and Joan Walsh (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN contributors April Ryan and Joan Walsh on Thursday shut down Donald Trump defender Jason Miller for looming the “job of the White House press secretary” does not include answering questions about the president’s payment to longtime attorney Michael Cohen.

The panel was discussing Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ press briefing, during which the White House press secretary insisted her repeated denials of Trump’s part in the Daniels payout were made with “the best information [she had] at the time.”

National correspondent Joan Walsh compared that excuse to a deli owner apologizing for rancid salami.

"I sold you the best thing I had at the time. I'm sorry you got sick," Walsh said.

Sanders became agitated during Thursday’s press briefing when pressed on the payout by Ryan. Ryan said Sanders took it personally and criticized her use of “street” talk when she said “something like, ‘you don't know me.’”

Miller, however, defended Sanders.

“I thought Sarah did fantastic today,” Miller said. “The fact that we're talking about Sarah not making a bunch of news, and that's actually driving the news, I don't think is necessarily a bad thing. I mean, the fact of the matter is, this White House should have had, and this presidency should have had, an outside counsel that was handling these types of issues a year ago. This is not the job of the White House, this is not the job of the White House press secretary. Sarah does a fantastic job every single day.”

“That's not true,” Ryan replied.

“No, it is true,” Miller said. “Sarah does a fantastic job putting forth information.”

“No, it's not true, I've been there 21 years and I remember impeachment with Bill Clinton—“ Ryan said as Miller interjected, wondering why she was “making it personal?”

“Spin it the way you want to spin,” Ryan shot back.

“Wow, April,” Miller said, suggesting his fellow CNN contributor was now the one taking things personally.

“She attacked me,” Ryan said, referring to Sanders. “She attacked me for asking a question, don't go there, honey. Don't go there.”

From there, the conversation quickly derailed. Watch below, via CNN: