Howard Stern reveals to David Letterman how Trump begged for his approval during campaign
Howard Stern and David Letterman (Netflix)

Howard Stern says his old friend and frequent radio guest, President Donald Trump, eagerly sought his approval during his ultimately successful campaign.

The Sirius XM satellite radio host appears in the next episode of David Letterman's Netflix series, where he discussed the president's sexualized comments about his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, and his interactions with Trump's 2016 campaign.

"He would call me from the campaign trail very often, and say, ‘Are you watching?’" Stern told Letterman. "I was tickled by this, because I really kind of felt, deep in my heart, that this campaign was really more about selling a book, or selling a brand. I didn’t really understand that he would really want to be president.”

Stern says Trump begged him to speak at the Republican National Convention, where he struggled to attract brand-name celebrities -- and instead offered has-been actors Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr.

“I was put in a very awkward position of having to say publicly — and to him — that I was a Hillary Clinton supporter," Stern says. "I always have been, and I was honest with Donald. I said, ‘Donald, you also supported Hillary.’ And I do consider Donald a friend but my politics are different.”

The Stern episode of "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction" is currently streaming live on Nextflix.