Idaho right-winger promises voters he’ll ‘start ranting like Alex Jones’ on US House floor if elected
Michael Snyder (YouTube)

A right-wing Idaho candidate promised voters he would rant like conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to become the most hated member of Congress.

Michael Snyder, who writes about the apocalypse and God's wrathful judgment, appeared Monday on Jones' InfoWars program to promote his campaign for the House seat being vacated by Rep. Raul Labrador, who is running for governor, reported Right Wing Watch.

“If I go to Congress, we very well understand I’m going to be the most hated member of Congress in all of Washington, D.C.,” Snyder said.

Jones relished the thought of the right-wing conspiratorial views they both hold being promoted by a Republican lawmaker.

"Instead of just educating folks in Idaho by running, and you are in a close second place in a seven-way race, but if you get there, imagine you up there on C-SPAN, on national TV, everywhere, going through the New World Order, going through the TPP, going through the Department of Education," Jones bellowed. "It would really be a good thing.”

Snyder promised he would copy Jones' antics if elected.

“Oh, and I’ll go right to the floor of the House of Representatives and I’ll start ranting like Alex Jones, you guys know me, right from the floor of the House of Representatives,” Snyder said. “So if you want to see that, we have this opportunity to defeat the globalists one seat a time.”