IHOP server calls woman a racial slur on her receipt — and restaurant sends her $10 gift card as apology
Black woman using computer (Shutterstock)

A Missouri server was fired for calling a black customer a racial slur on her receipt -- but the woman says she's insulted by the restaurant's apology.

Maya Thomas saw the N-word printed at the top of her receipt after picking up a to-go order from IHOP in Grandview, reported The Kansas City Star.

The 19-year-old Thomas called IHOP to complain, and the restaurant's management fired the server -- who is also black -- after conducting an investigation of the incident.

“The action taken by the server at this restaurant is inexcusable," said IHOP president Darren Rebelez. "IHOP and its franchisees do not and will not tolerate racism, bigotry or harassment of any kind."

A senior-level manager apologized to Thomas, but did not notify her the employee had been terminated.

Then, a few days later, Thomas received a $10 gift certificate in the mail from IHOP.

"She seemed distraught and upset when she showed it to me -- and, of course, it got me pissed," the woman's mother told the newspaper.

Her mother posted a photo of the receipt on social media, and it was shared hundreds of times.

Thomas' mother, who asked to keep her name out of the newspaper, said she was glad the server had been fired, but she said the incident had brought stress and unwanted attention to her daughter.

"You can't bring it up to her, or she gets upset," her mother said. "I just wish they had never given her the receipt."