'I'm done with the NFL': Fans revolt over sideline protest ban to 'appease racists' -- and the 'bully president'
Trump at Alabama Rally (Photo: Screen capture)

The NFL caved to pressure from President Donald Trump and banned sideline protests by players against police brutality -- and social media users were outraged.

League officials adopted a new policy Wednesday requiring all league and team personnel on the field to remain standing during the playing of the national anthem, although they are no longer required to remain on the field at that time.

The new policy also outlines fines and other disciplinary action against teams whose personnel fail to comply, and lets team set their own rules regarding players who refuse to stand.

Trump personally attacked former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick last year during a political rally, and he kept up his rants against protesting players on Twitter -- where other users reacted to the NFL policy.