'I'm tired of speeches': Morning Joe calls out Republicans who slam Trump but vote for his agenda
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called out Republican lawmakers who speak out against President Donald Trump but continue voting for his agenda.

GOP lawmakers have grumbled about Trump's efforts to help save the Chinese telecom company ZTE, after his family's businesses received favorable treatment from China, but the "Morning Joe" host doubted that they would hold the president accountable.

"I'm tired of speeches," Scarborough said. "I love Jeff Flake, and all these other guys. I'm tired of speeches. You want to do something? You know what, there are two votes. Jeff Flake needs to find somebody else. Whatever the issue is, if it's ZTE, you go to Bob Corker, you go to somebody else and say, you know what? I know, personally, because we did this, and say, 'We're shutting the floor down. We're not going to pass anything else. We're not going to pass any, any of your, any of your appointments, we not going to do anything until you come over here and your people talk to us.'"

"We make sure that, again, whatever it is -- ripping infants from the arms of mothers or allowing a Chinese espionage firm to get off the mat?" he added. "You know, enough with the speeches. I really don't want to hear your speeches if you keep giving Donald Trump your vote."