'This isn't Pakistan, b*tch': Texas driver cuts off foreign student and launches vicious 'terrorist motherf*cker' rant
Unidentified Texas racist ranting at student-- YouTube screenshot

In a video uploaded to YouTube, a cowboy-hatted Texas man launched a "motherf*cker"- filled attack on another driver who he accused of tailgating him -- calling him a terrorist and demanding that he go back to his own country.

According to the HuffPost, the video was shot on a cellphone by 24-year-old Texas A&M student Ali Alghamdi, who said the altercation occurred in front of the Kingsville Department of Motor Vehicles, with Alghamdi saying the older man cut him off at a stop sign before jumping out to challenge him to a fight.

As Alghamdi tried to calm the man down, telling him he had been cut off and was in no way tailgating him, the man in the hat repeatedly called him "motherf*cker," and "b*tch," baiting him with "What are you going to do about it?" along with accusing him of being a terrorist.

In his own words on YouTube, Alghamdi wrote, "A road raging guy blocks me off in front of Kingsville DMV in Texas then gets out of his car to fight and threat. He asked me couple of times to get out of my car, and he kept using bad words and calling me bad names, then he said “Go back to your home country”. This guy cannot even distinguish between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kuwait. He said that I am from Pakistan-even though I am not- because I sound Arab!"

"I do not believe that the way he handled the situation is civilized, healthy or safe. Therefore, I had to record the incident. It all started when he ran off the stop sign while I was driving on my way. After I started recording, he starts claiming that I was tailgating him which did not happen. He blocked me off literally then this happened."

You can watch the video below via YouTube: