John Bolton snaps at Jake Tapper over Iran deal: 'We're not going it alone -- we have the support of Israel'
John Bolton appears on CNN (screen grab)

National Security Adviser John Bolton on Sunday argued that President Donald Trump was not "going it alone" when he forced the U.S. to violate a nuclear agreement with Iran because Israel supports the move.

During an interview on CNN, host Jake Tapper noted that America's European allies are not planning to abandon the deal that prevents Iran from building nuclear weapons -- even though the U.S. has reneged on the agreement.

"The U.S. [is] essentially, at least as of now, going it alone," Tapper said. "How will that force Iran back to the table?"

"We're not going it alone," Bolton snapped. "We have the support of Israel, we have the support of the Arab oil-producing monarchies and many others."

"It's in their interest to come along with us," the national security adviser added.

"With all due respect," Tapper interrupted, "I've been speaking to European diplomats and that's not the impression I get."

"That's not the impression now," Bolton replied.

According to the Trump aide, European companies could face sanctions if they refuse to violate the deal with Iran.

"It's possible," Bolton said. "It depends on the conduct of other governments."

Watch the video below from CNN.