Meghan Markle's nephew busted for bringing knife into London club after Trump warned city was a 'war zone'
Tyler Dooley, the 25-year-old nephew of Meghan Markle. Image via Dooley's LinkedIn.

Meghan Markle's nephew brought a knife to a London club after Donald Trump said the city was like a "war zone" ahead of his aunt's royal wedding.

The Sun reported that Markle's nephew, 25-year-old Oregonian cannabis farmer Tyler Dooley, willingly forfeited the four-inch blade to the bouncer at Bacchus, a bar in the city's Kingston neighborhood — but fled when he was alerted that police had been called.

"I just brought it because Donald Trump said London was like a war zone," Dooley told a Bacchus patron. "I had it for protection.”

Earlier this month, Trump told a crowd at the National Rifle Association convention that he'd heard a London hospital was like a "war zone" in spite of the United Kingdom's tough gun laws because there are so many stabbings in the city.

Dooley was in London with his mother and brother in spite of not being invited to the royal wedding.