‘This is not going well’: Fox panel admits Stormy Daniels scandal is devolving into chaos for the White House
Fox News' Outnumbered cast

A Fox News panel on Friday was stunned by Donald Trump’s excuse as to why Rudy Giuliani contradicted the White House’s claim he was unaware of any payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, noting the president’s legal strategy “is not going well.”

During a press scrum Friday, Trump walked backed Giuliani’s admission that the president repaid his longtime attorney Michael Cohen the $130,000 to Daniels. The president argued Giuliani is a new member of his legal team and will “get his facts straight.”

Discussing the president’s legal whiplash, co-host Melissa Francis exclaimed, “Whew, alright.”

“I know I fell off my chair in my office when I heard that,” Francis said. “Guy [Benson] what did you think?”

“Well, for the president to have his new lawyer come out and mount a new defense on the Stormy Daniels stuff all over television—particularly on this network, and then Trump comes out and says, ‘Well, he’s new here, he’ll get his facts straight,’ that’s not usually the order you want to do things in,” Benson replied.

“This is not going well,” Benson said.

Former deputy spokesperson of the State Department, Marie Harf, said the issue with Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one of credibility. Discussing Sanders’ claim that she answered questions with the “best information available” at the time, Harf said that’s not good enough.

“What else is she not in the know about?” Harf asked. “As someone who stood at that podium, I feel bad for her in that instance, if someone didn’t tell her the truth and sent her out with bad information that’s not fair to her.”

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