NRA's Oliver North blames ADHD drug Ritalin for mass shooting -- and then admits: 'I'm certainly not a doctor'
Oliver North speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Newly-appointed National Rifle Association (NRA) President Oliver North on Sunday suggested that ADHD drugs and violent TV shows were to blame for mass shootings at schools.

During a discussion about the recent school shootings in Santa Fe, Oliver told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that the NRA had developed a solution.

"The NRA for over two years has been advocating a program called School Shield," North explained. "If School Shield had been in place in that Santa Fe high school, it's far less likely that it would have happened."

"The problem we've got is we're trying like the dickens to treat the symptoms without treating the disease," he continued. "And the disease in this case isn't [the right to bear arms in] the Second Amendment. The disease is youngsters who are steeped in a culture of violence, they've been drugged in many cases. Nearly all of these perpetrators are male and they're young teenagers in most cases."

According to North, "violence is common place" in the culture of teens.

"All we need to do is turn on a TV, go to a movie," the NRA president opined. "Many of these young boys have been on Ritalin since they were in kindergarten."

North admitted: "I am certainly not a doctor, I'm a Marine. But I can see those kinds of things happening and endanger [students]."

Watch the video below from Fox News.