Oklahoma man coerced girls into sex by threatening suicide -- and kept creepy mementos through years of abuse
Michael Wayne Sherwood

An Oklahoma man has been charged with sexually abusing two girls for years by threatening to kill himself.

Michael Wayne Sherwood was charged last week with four felony counts of child sexual abuse after a woman told sheriff's deputies that she and another victim had been raped by him as children, reported the Enid News & Eagle.

The woman said the abuse began when she was 11 and continued until about two years ago, deputies said.

"The suspect would threaten to kill himself if she refused to have sex with him and later threatened to hurt her if she refused his advances," investigators said in an affidavit.

The other victim told deputies that Sherwood raped her starting when she was 11, and the abuse continued until November 2017.

The 66-year-old Sherwood denied having sex with the victims, but deputies said he laughed after admitting to performing oral sex on one victim.

He laughed again after admitting that he knew his actions were wrong but that he believed he would not be caught, deputies said.

Sherwood eventually admitted that he still had items he used to rape the girls, but said he had deleted photos or videos of the victims having sex.

Deputies said they received permission from Sherwood to search his property, where they found pornography, girls underwear, sex toys and written correspondence with one girl.

They also found a small blue bottle, which Sherwood said contained a girl's feces.