Pastor attacks 'leftist media' for reporting ex-wife's abuse claims -- then boasts he'll never step down
Pastor Greg Locker -- Facebook screenshot

In a Facebook harangue, a pastor from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, said he will never step down from his post at Global Vision Bible Church after CNN aired allegations from his wife that he abused her for years.

In an interview with Pulpit & Pen, Melissa Locke explained that, over the course of the  21-years she was married to pastor Greg Locke he physically and emotionally abused her; attacking her over her weight, calling her a "selfish b*tch" and telling reporters that she has gone crazy.

Buffeted by these accusations, and responding to a CNN report -- where he was featured --on evangelicals who still support President Donald Trump despite accusations of infidelity and reportedly paying hush money to a porn star, Locke lashed on Facebook where he has a huge following of Christian followers, reports the Friendly Atheist.

"The last six months or so, there’s been a lot of vitriol, a lot of lies, deception, assumptions," Locke exclaimed. "The news media has been massively horrendous. It’s been hurtful. It’s been a lot of basketball-sized ulcers, a lot of chewing fingernails and a lot of sleepless nights."

Locke then stated that he is refusing to step down from his pulpit, even after the allegations made against him by his wife -- who he disparaged for now having to live in a homeless shelter -- adding he will "step down" from criticism of how he conducts himself.

"I’m stepping down from what the leftist media thinks about me, what the liberals think about me, what CNN thinks about me," he insisted. "They can try to burn my life to the ground all they jolly well please. I’m stepping away and stepping down from what the LGBTQ thinks about me. I’m not gonna back up, pack up, slack up, or shut up until I’ve been taken up by the glory of God."

You can watch the video below via Facebook: