Racist lawyer bro was arrested after making death threat to cop at 2009 baseball game
Aaron Schlossberg was arrested for ranting and threatening a police officer at Citizens Bank ballpark in Philadelphia/Screenshots

Aaron Schlossberg, the attorney captured delivering a racist rant against people speaking Spanish in a Manhattan coffee shop next to his office, has an apparent history of public rage.

According to BuzzFeed News, in 2009 a man matching Schlossberg's name and age was arrested outside a baseball game in Philadelphia on charges of disorderly conduct.

The police incident report says Schlossberg was disturbing other patrons so he was confronted by a Phillies security officer who asked him to stop or he'd be ejected from the game.

Schlossberg "jumped in the face" to confront a Philadelphia police officer, the report says, and told him, "you're f*cking dead."

The charge was later dismissed.

Schlossberg also went to school in Philadelphia, graduating from the prestigious Haverford School, an all-boys prep school, in 1994.

There, he was not particularly well-liked, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

"He was always a jerk,” Michael DiDomenico posted Thursday in a Facebook group for Lower Merion residents.

DiDomenico went on to say that he had beaten up Schlossberg and was disappointed that his racist rant brought shame to the school.

“I don’t know what his problem is,” DiDomenico said. “As a classmate, I’m disappointed that it hurts The Haverford School.”

The Daily News also did a door-knock at Schlossberg’s childhood home in Merion Station. The man who answered "stared at a reporter and shook his head, then shut the door."