Roger Stone may turn over electronic documents in printed form just to spite Mueller’s team
Roger Stone (RT)

Roger Stone may print out all the electronic documents sought by special counsel Robert Mueller, even if they fill two semi-trailers.

Investigators are zeroing in on the longtime associate of President Donald Trump as they investigate Russian election interference, but Stone says he won't take an indictment lying down, reported NPR.

Stone denies coordinating with WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange to place stolen emails online during the 2016 election, but he insists it's only a coincidence that he predicted the document dumps on his Twitter feed.

"Look, I think that they are at the end of their probe, and they have no evidence of Russian collusion," Stone told NPR. "I can see how they might feel some obligation to check it out. They will find after exhaustive investigation that there is no evidence because none of that happened."

Stone has not yet been questioned by Mueller's team, but two of his associates have been subpoenaed, and investigators have asked him to turn over electronic evidence.

"I will give them the documents that they have requested, even though the request is onerous," Stone said. "Just to be clear, the documents that they requested from me will fill two trailer trucks if printed out, and I know that there is no legal obligation to supply them in an electronic form. So I may give them to the Senate committees in hard copy."

He offered a simple explanation for taking such extreme measures.

"Because I can," Stone said.