Sarah Sanders: White House 'raid' on Trump's former doctor is 'standard operating procedure'

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday insisted that President Donald Trump's former bodyguard was following "standard operating procedure" when he reportedly raided the office of the president's former doctor.

During Tuesday's White House briefing, Sanders was asked why former White House staffer Keith Schiller forcibly took President Trump's records from his former physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein.

"As is standard operating procedure, the White House medical unit took possession of the president's medical records," Sanders explained, disputing reports that characterized the incident as a "raid."

One reporter noted that some experts had compared the alleged raid to a "burglary."

"Once again, it would be standard procedure for the president -- a newly elected president's medical records to be in possession of the White House's medical unit," Sanders insisted. "That's what was taking place. Those records were being transferred over to the White House medical unit as requested by the president."

Watch the video below from CNN.